Sunday, September 13, 2009


Thursday was Rhys' first day of pre-school...oh how time flies by!!!

I started a family tradition...
1.Special Breakfast )courtesy of my great husband)
2. New outfit for school (Gap: slouch boots, skinny jeans, jacket)
3. New backpack, runners (backyardigans of course), and water bottle.
4. Picture on the front step and in front of the school.

I can't believe my 3 lbs 8 oz little princess is off to pre-school... time has flown by and we are so greatful that she has done so well!

I was so sad watching her walk into her class.
I was so proud when she said to her classmates "Hi, my name is Rhys, what is your name?".

Can I freeze my kids at this age so they don't grow up???

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ready for fall and back to school!

We had a great summer....but it is back to school.

We are busy:
enjoying nice weather
registering for dance and swimming
planning Backyardigan birthday parties
making jewellery

what is keeping you busy???