Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kate's Post on Budgets...a must read!

I loved Kate's post!!!! Check her out on my list of fav's to visit.

I just had a discussion with a friend about working part-time or staying at response "not with the lifestyle we are used of living" and now I read Kate's post and feel like it could be done (with serious life changes).

Once I graduated school and started paying off loans I soon realized that I would be working for a long time (the joys of going to school in the USA when our dollar was worth 54 cents) but when it is paid off we could probably afford for me to work part-time.

I must admit that I do waste money! I love designer jeans and starbucks chai tea! both crazy expensive...but my new years resolution has been to take my lunch to work (a savings of $250 plus dollars a month)! I also buy my girls millions of things they don't need (especially whil shopping at Superstore)!!! I used to spend crazy amounts of scrapbook supplies and now have a stash the size of Michaels! All things I don't need, but like and want.

Just this week while shopping with Rhys I told her that she could pick one grocery treat (this was hard to do) she must have changed her mind a million times!!! "I want mini-eggs"..."I want cookies instead of mini eggs"..."I want ice-cream instead of cookies". This was hard, but I was so impressed when she said in the truck "maybe next time I will pick ice-cream". I think that too many times we give kids (and ourselves) everything we want instead of what we need.

The more I type the more I realze the things that could change.

What could you change to save a little money???

I really need to talk to Kate more about a budget!
She amazes me!!!! As do all families that can make it on one salary or have a wife work part-time!!