Thursday, September 13, 2007

Saturday night fever...

I am sooooo excited!
I joined a scrapbook splurge and we have our first crop on Saturday night!
I have decided to pick out some photos to scrap and make up kits so that i don't take all of my millions of things with me...easy right...NOT!!
I don't know what pictures I want to crop...what if i get there and they don't inspire me? It has been so long since i scrapbooked away from home i am having troubling deciding what to take! Also we don't meet at a store so if i don't have it i am SOL!!
Oh well...i need to get my garage sale organized for tomorrow now that rhys is off to sleep.
I will share more photos later...
sleep tight


Angie said...

ooh... a scrapbook splurge...that sounds like a lot of fun

scrappaleica said...

Pam, those same thoughts were going on in my head! see you tomorrow.