Monday, December 1, 2008

Santa Claus is coming to town..."I scared no"

What a difference a week makes!
Last week at Joey's party Rhys was scared of Santa and was trying to escape as soon as she sat on his knee!
This week she sat and smiled but was staying a safe distance away!!!
She told us "I scared no", so sweet!!! Last week she said "I scared Santa, I want my mommy".
We still have mall photos, two Christmas parties and a visit on Christmas Eve with Santa so we will see what kind of photo we get by our last visit.

Stay tuned for more photos and my 3 new charm bracelets!!


Saucy said...

Oh that is too cute. Tell Rhys that Loopy felt the same way at her age... I only have one photo of her with the red guy, and she is about 7 or 8. He can be a little scary I guess!

Thank you again so very much for the beautiful tree ornaments, it was so thoughtful. We put them up right away last night.

KAGS Herself said...

Miss Daisy was and is still the same way. I took her for pictures once when she was 3 - and I had to get in the picture too!
Doodlebug is no better - and won't even look at the red man at the mall - he turns his when he has to walk past him!

scrappaleica said...

Pam, Jager was the same way, He hated Santa, then all of a sudden this year he wanted to sit on his knee, BUT only with Riley & Ireland, not individually. It worked out good though.

Jerri-Lea said...

Thanks for visiting with me on Sunday, it was fun. Can't wait to see all the bracelets that you made.

Anonymous said...

So cute! Lauren has done remarkably well with Santa so far...of course she would only smile and look at the camera once she had her gift from him, and not a minute before! She has the same dress too, only in red.