Friday, May 1, 2009

A few more pages...

This is my favorite picture and layout thus far...i just love how sweet Joey and Kenadi look together!!

I just love the picture of Rhys and Kenadi together...Sisters forever!


Nicolescu Ana-Maria said...

Nice photography baby

sassy studio said...

they are sooo sweet!

Aspergertopia said...

Very sweet!

Glad to see you are balancing in some scrapping while back at work.

You mentioned awhile back about having some materials/info you use in your social group that you might share with me.

I would love to peruse.


Saucy said...

Beautiful layouts as always... I am so behind in my scrapping it is shameful. Lucky for me, Lecia took some of my photos and is working on some layouts for her publication! Thank goodness for her.