Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm on a roll....three posts and counting

Yes I have been scrapbooking and actually posting the pages! Hard to believe!!!
Sometimes I have been neglecting my pages as I am so busy making Jewellry I can't find time to do both!

Rhys got a gift certificate for beaners in her stocking for Christmas so here are some photos of her first haircut. She was such a good little girl!!

Swimming at the Pike lake pool in July was so much fun on a hot day...can't wait for another hot day!!

Here is a picture of Rhys in the tub (I think that she was about 6 months old). Her facial expression is too cute!


Kate said...

LOVE the flowers on those layouts...the Swim one and the one in the last post. I can't remember, are you one week behind me or ahead of me? SO SOON!!! Hope you are feeling really good! Besides the occassional case of heartburn, I'm doing great. It used to be every second of the day heartburn but I have cut certain foods and it helps immensely! Have a great week!

kris & kyle said...

I love your layouts (this post and last post) using the lace paper. They are totally awesome! They just pop out at you. I really liek the tub layout in general, like the colors, the text, the lace paper (of course). Nice job from a fellow scrapbooker!