Sunday, January 4, 2009


I don't do New Year's resolutions...I don't take failing very well and therefore have never been into making goals that I won't/can't keep.
My "plans" for 2009...
1. Spending time with my girls watching them grow and learn new things

2. Getting my Jewellery business up and running...big plans (like a launch party so stay tuned).
3. Scrapbooking more ( I haven't done much of this lately).
4. Getting regular massages and pedicures.
5. Spending less on "crap" and buying more "good" quality items (this way I need less stuff and it will last longer).

What are your "plans" for 2009????


Jerri-Lea said...

Same for me on #1,3 & 5. I've been trying to go through all our "treasures" and get rid of them!! We still have lots of crap though, at this point it might just be easier to move and start over!
Happy New Year!

Saucy said...

Same for me, spending less! More scrapping for sure. I'm pretty good at getting regular manis and pedis (manis every three weeks and pedis every six, no matter what!)... and going to jewelry launch parties held by friends!