Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's a Charm Party

Hi Everyone...
Saucy and Sassy are having another charm party!!!!
I want to make personalized charms for those of you involved.
Please email me a picture that you would like on your charm...some ideas are you and your spouse, your family, your children or a pet.
Please get them to me by Friday so that I have time to make them all.
my email is
See you Sunday


Sheryl said...

Hi Pam this is so cool of you. I need your email addy please, or am I blind and just don't see an email link on your blog.

Aspergertopia said...


I just noticed your charming idea. Love it! Would it be to late to send my pic tonight? Ater the kids are in bed?

Jerri-Lea said...

Thanks Pam!! I love that I have a charm of the girls on my bracelet!!
I think that if Melina is up for it that she'd be a great person to give us a few pointers!!! She is so friendly and so much fun. Thanks again.