Sunday, June 10, 2007

Busy Lives

As I look at every one's blogs and see few recent posts it makes me sad and happy!
"Sad" because i love to look at peoples pages and see what they are up to, but "happy" because i know that people are busy with family, grad, pregnancies, kids, and just pure old summer fun!

I hope to get some scrap pages done this week, but life is pretty busy around here with family, friends, home improvements (we might be selling so we are fixing things up a little), and summer fun! Who knows how much blogging i will get done over summer!

Have a great day everyone!


scrappaleica said...

Pam, I agree! but just think of all the new memories we are creating being outside and having fun. stuff to keep ourselves busy scrapping all through the winter!!!!I hope you guys do well with your house adventure, need nay help ainting or whatever call! I'm crossing my fingers that maybe we'll be neighbors... might be bad for Rhys though as she gets older. I think my boys will be little troublemakers!LOL. just kidding!

Anonymous said...

Pam is there anything you want from Close to my Heart? i know Melina said she was going to swing by after her class!! Let me know!


Julie said...

It is our adventures - even the everyday ones - that we love to scrapbook. I have hundreds of photos still to scrapbook. I am working on the summer of 2000 right now - so I am a little behind. It is always nice to scrapbook the great scenary photos....but scrapbooking is all about creating memories for my I need to get focused on catching up with these old photos. Alas summer, dinner parties and my babies graduation are around the corner - so I may just be posting photos for the next little while.

Ralna @ Just Scrap It! said...

so true Pam life is busier this time of year.

Good luck on the house hunt or are you building?