Saturday, June 2, 2007

Gift Album

Last night I completed a 12x12 album for a shower gift. I had given a colleague an album for a gift for her first child and was asked if I would be doing the same for her second child so I had a couple of colleagues go in on the gift with me and I created another album. Funny how I just posted a month ago that I was done with this (ha ha ha). Here are a few of the pages that I created for the album. They are a little less "busy" than most of my layouts. When I make a gift album for someone who doesn't scrapbook, I tend to make more simple pages with a few embellishments.
This page is for "daddy & me" and her brothers.

This page is just for a few cute shots of "Paige"

Here is a "mommy & Me" and "sisters" page.
When I make baby-gift albums I usually include the following pages:
1. Birth Stats (as a title page)
2. 6 to 8 pages for random shots.
3. Mommy & Me page
4. Daddy & Me page
5. Siblings pages (if necessary)
6. Family photo page
7. Grandparents page
8. First--Halloween/fall, Christmas/winter, birthday pages


melina said...

Awesome gift!

Kelly said...

I bet she is going to love this!
You did a great job!
Are you on SIS?

Pam said...

Hi Keli
I am not on SIS..actually I had never heard of it until I saw it on WIlna's blog!
Are you on SIS?