Thursday, July 19, 2007

For the Love of Circles

When I saw this picture of Rhys i just had to scrapbook it (as i do most that i take of her)! It kinda looks like she is praying! I am not sure what a 9.5 month old prays for...maybe air conditioning as it is so stinking hot in our house!! he he he

I just love circles! And it goes so well with Rhys' pjs! I love this shot of her...she was supposed to be going to bed but does she look tired to you??? PS Truth be told i am holing out some pages! I have scrapped quite a few in the last few days but have a busy weekend with company so i am only going to post a couple each day!

I also have to prepare for August when we start holidays and my posting may be few and far between...but just wait for september when i have a months worth of pics to scrap! (oh yeah and i start back to work and move...uh oh)!!!


scrappaleica said...

hold back! then it keeps us begging for more. Love these Pam.

Kelly said...

I love the circles Pam - you can never go wrong with circles!!!!

Ralna @ Just Scrap It! said...

i love that picture of Rhys, too cute. oh baby I've been praying for a/c myself and yesterday the god of cool breezes blessed us with a window ac unit to cool of our 33 degree bedroom. whoohoo!

I hope your new place has ac?

melina said...

Fantastic layouts!!