Sunday, July 15, 2007

For the love of Elsie!!!

I love the new Elsie line of paper! I love to dress Rhys in pink and brown so the colour combos work really well for me! I also find that it goes well with some old KI Memories stuff that i have so i have been mixing it up a little.

I did some more scrapbooking last night so i will post more tomorrow.
Have a great day (even though it looks like rain--whoo hoo!!! (we don't have a/c so i will take anything that will cool the house down!


melina said...

I really love the 24-7 lo

scrappaleica said...

love all of them. Elsie works awesome with you!!!! I really like the eyes into her soul layout.

Kelly said...

The Elsie line really is fun, I have been enjoying it myself. And yes, I do love your carpet - we have similar stuff in our basement.