Monday, July 16, 2007

Summer Fun!

I made this layout of Rhys the other night and just love the colour combo! I love brown and pink or brown and blue! I also couldn't wait to use some new stamps i bought in Brandon. I love Rhonna Farrer stuff! The colours in the paper went well with the photo and i had a lot i wanted to say so this paper was a perfect match! of course i had to add some buttons and thickers.


melina said...

I love the first lo, the colors are great. What stamp set is the bracket from?

Anonymous said...

The bracket is not a stamp. it is a making memories plastic doo-dad from michael's.It came in a big pack of platic accents.

scrappaleica said...

LOVE the blue layout!she's gorgeous in blue! both layouts are awesome. have fun in your pool Rhys!

Kelly said...

I love the pictures of Rhys, with her soother in her mouth - I remember those days so clearly. I almost wish for them back!!!!
P.S. Love the layouts :)