Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's a "charmed" life

This time next week i will be at Sassy and Saucy's toggle party...
here are a few of my creations...none of my swap charms, just a few extras I have whipped up!

I am intrigued by clay and all the neat things you can make.

These are so quick and easy to make...all you need is:
1. Clay
2. Eye pins
3. Puff paint or Scribbles

How to:
1. Make your desired shape and put in an eye pin (trim them to fit so that only a small amount is sticking out - this is so that you can attach a jump ring to it and attach it to your charm bracelet).
2. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes
3. Let cool and decorate with puff paint.
4. Attach a jump ring and put onto a charm bracelet

**Check back on Sunday for my completed charm bracelet


KAGS Herself said...

ooh I like Pam. I was thinking of playing with some clay for my entry, too. Just wasn't sure what I needed to put in them as "hangers"!
See you next Sunday,


Saucy said...

I lurrve your sneak peek. I finished most of mine tonight, but not the very special set I'm working on, I need to enlist the help of The Secret Weapon this week.

Thanks again for the coupon last night! It was nice to see you.

Anonymous said...

looks great Pam! I so wish I could go to the toggle bracelet party - but alas...I will be out of town. my loss....Dena

Jerri-Lea said...

Mine are also made from clay. I hope that we creative minds haven't made the same things... but they'll all have their own uniqueness I'm sure. Looking forward to it.

sassy studio said...

Love them all! The gifts are so sweet! You are sooo fun!
xox Sassy

Helen Tilbury said...

Pretty cute...what kinda clay? Is it that Fimo stuff? Here I have only seen putty coloured stuff...yuk...maybe I could dye it somehow...

Saucy said...

I nominated you for a little game/award on my blog tonight, if you have time and/or the inclination come play.

Also, I will be having a giveaway tomorrow for my 500th post.