Sunday, May 6, 2007

Back in the groove...

This photo was snapped one evening when joey was feeding rhys her cereal. As you can see he was letting her help! She was so messy and covered from head to toe, but she had a blast and it was fun to was her try to feed herself!!!

This is a photo Melina took for Rhys' 6 month photo shoot. I already scrapped another version of this photo that said "sweet kisses" but i had made another copy and thought that i would scrap it again.

i took this photo of rhys the day she turned 7 months. It is a little fuzzy but i love the expression on her face! She is such a happy little girl. I could take photos and video of her every minute of every day!
As you can see, I used the same basic layout on each of my pages. I wanted to experiment with different papers and just changing subtle things on the pages to show you how different a sketch can become with just a few minor changes. Try this out sometime when you are stuck for layout ideas.


Kelly said...

That is a totally great idea, some times when I am stuck for a LO idea I look at some of my designers faves and scraplift the sketch - the LO looks entirely different than the original (some times better, sometimes worse!) and it is a good way to break scrappers-block.
I would never have noticed that the LO's were the same sketch until you pointed it out.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Laura said...

I love these pages of Rhys, Pam. She is getting so big. She is so you feel like you have lost your identity yet? I'm about ready for my next "Rhys fix" any day now. Just call ahead to see when I am working, so I don't miss out, please.