Monday, May 21, 2007

We're back

Rhys loves to be naked (okay she wears her diaper) she is on her playmat just as happy as could be!!

I just knew that my dad would love this shirt i bought for her at old navy! she loves her grandpa and he is very smitten with her too!!

Her teeth were bothering her a lot when we were at home so grnadma made her some apple juice pops for a treat!

Rhys is learning how to sit up! she gets better everyday! here i caught her before she fell to the floor...i need some help to get a photo of this!


melina said...

what a great smile Rhys has. Wow! her hair is a beautiful shade of red.

Julie said...

That baby girl of yours is just soooo darn cute. She seems to just love the camera! I love looking at pictures of her - she always makes me smile.

Kelly said...

Pam, the LO and card you made for Ethan are really fun, I bet you liked doing something "boy" for a change, hey?
Rhys is adorable!