Thursday, May 3, 2007

Finally...1, 2 pages done!!!!!!

Well, I finally made a couple of pages! I have been so busy making jewelry and going away that I haven't had time to make any pages!

Here is a page I made of Brooke on the farm....she is such a little farm girl! It is so cute when she calls the horses! Pacey...Joe...Dee.... We had a blast at the farm and can't wait to go back!

I can't beleive that Rhys is 7 months old already!!!! Time is flying by and I don't want to miss a minute! I just love taking pictures of her...she always stares at me with her big eyes when ever the camera comes out!


Kelly said...

Did you just scrap the pictures you took this past weekend? You are crazy! Everyone makes fun of me b/c I take pictures, get them developed and scrap them the same day/week. Ha! Now I can tell them you do too!

scrappaleica said...

Pam, these are super cool. Brooke does look like a cutie cowgirl. Great job!

Pam said...

yes keli...i scrap pictures asap when i get them developed. probably why rhys has 6 albums already. i am also guilty of scrappin' my fav photos more than once!

Sharon S. said...

The new Brooke and Rhys pages are great. Sky was happy to see a page with a horse in it. Great, now she's seen the new Cowgirl stuff. Guess I'll have to get her some now. Love the pages.