Monday, April 30, 2007

Farm Life

Out on the farm!
Joey and Rhys checking out the farm.

Brooke going to give Pacey a treat.

Rhys' first experience with a bunny! She pulled out Lola's hair and tugged on her ears.

Brooke tried some chocolate cake and loved it. Sorry about the angle of the photo, i keep changing it and it just goes back!

Well we had a great weekend at my sister-in-laws on the weekend. We enjoyed farm life (and i am a city girl through and through)!! We went for a walk, saw the horses, played with their new rabbit, went to a rummage sale, garage sale, and and auction (all in one day!). We had a blast and i took tons of photos! I can't wait to scrapbook them. I am sending them to Black's today so that I can start making pages really soon!!!

My sis-in-law, Renee, and I scrapbooked on Friday night for awhile. She has only made one small album before (for my shower gift) and it was great! I taught her some new tricks and left her with some of my supplies. I am sure she will do great! She was like a natural when i was helping her!! Unfortunately i forgot to snap some pics of our pages we created.


Kelly said...

Super cute pictures. I didn't know you were the one that created all of the "Brooke" LO's at JSI ... they are amazing - we were wondering about that this weekend. SHe is a doll - baby blue eyes!

fav sis-in-law said...

Your a farm girl at heart. I wonder how many people know about your "beaver" story. It was great having you guys out this weekend. Come out more often.

scrappaleica said...

Pam,I love your farm pics.brooke & rhys sure are cutie's

Julie said...

Love the picture of Joey and Rhys checking out the farm! That one is for blowing up! Beautiful!