Sunday, April 8, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Well i read Leica's post about spring cleaning and boy oh boy do i know what she means!!! I don't have a scrapbook room so our dining room table is usually covered in all of my stuff! Since we had Rhys i can only count 24 days (in 6 months) that we have ate at our table! and this was usually because we had company!

So....I have been busy re-organizing my scrapbook stuff. I should have a yard sale with it! I am a hoarder (spelling??). I love to buy things and save them, however i have so much stuff that i will never use and should get rid of! For example...Leica and i went to Edmonton for a convention and i bought three different heide swapp iron-on transfer fonts, then JSI got some in and i bought two more, however i have only used them once (last april). So I vow to use some older products (like the iron-ons) and save myself some storage space! I have now made two layouts with them and promise to use more!

Thank the lord Joey is so understanding! I would kill him if he left a mess like this out all the time! what a double standard! maybe this is because i clean the house...who knows.

I picked up Rhys' 6 month photos from Melina last night and fired them off to Blacks to be printed. I will pick them up tomorrow. I already made pages for a couple of them and i will post them as soon as i have the photos!!

Here is my only recent layout that has a photo..more to follow tomorrow...if i ever finish cleaning up my huge mess!!!


scrappaleica said...

we are so lucky our husbands understand, but Pam your house is kept way cleaner! I need you around to give me tips. Can't wait to see your new lo. this one is really cute.

Kelly Klassen said...

Pam if you have any scrap supplies you want to get rid of ... lol.

Pam said...

kelly send me your address and i will ship you some! Just a little bonus of checking out my blog!

Julie said...

Got to love husbands who put up with scrapbookers and all their supplies and stuff everywhere ...not to mention the hours we spend hovered over our desks...of course that lets them watch sports...hmmm Love this page - so cute!